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Celebrate Love

An intimate table for 2, to celebrate the both of you. For a dining experience that is romantically unforgettable, reserve a table at The X Pot.

With customizable decorations paired with an ambiance of love, the night is yours at The X Pot. Dinner features delicate flowers, fresh delicacies and romance down to every last detail. Make a reservation 3 or more days in advance.

PACKAGE 1: Te Amo Package $100
Customized Card (optional) + Rose Petals + Hand-crafted Assorted Rose & Flower Box + Rose Bear

Package Cocktail*2 + Champagne*2


PACKAGE 2: Agape Package $160
Customized Card (optional) + Rose Petals + Hand-crafted 6 Rose Bouquet + Rose Bear 
Package Cocktail*2 + Champagne*2 + Red/White Wine*2


* Write your customized choices in the “message” section when making reservations through our website.
* Items highlighted in orange color are gifts for customers.

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